Premier Junior Golf Tour

Age Divisions & Yardages

2020 Age Divisions & Yardages (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2020)

Note: 2021 Age Divisions & Yardages same as 2020 (Jan. 1- Dec. 17, 2021)


Players may always choose to "play up" a division, either for one, several or all tournaments. 

If players wish to play "down" a division, they can for experience, but not for awards, rankings or points. If you wish to play "down" a division, please contact us at or 239.822.8590.

Remember that points earned in a division stay in a division. In 2020, the last chance to earn points toward the Dec. 12-13 Tour Championship Player Of The Year and Top 10 Recognition is Dec. 5-6 at Wentworth.

Two-Day and One-Day Age Divisions and Yardages (note all divisions play 18 holes):

Amateur Men:  6700-7000 (or course longest tees if shorter than 6700)

Boys 16-19:  6600+

Boys 13-15:  6200-6600

Boys 10-12:  5500-5900

Amateur Women:  6000-6300 (or course longest tees if shorter than 6000)

Girls 16-19:  5700-6100

Girls 13-15:  5200-5500

Girls 10-12:  4600-4800



Projected yardages are subject to change due to onsite golf course setup, golf course conditions, and weather. These yardages are solely a projection and may increase or decrease for the actual tournament. 

Your age on the first round of a tournament will determine the division you will play in for that event.  In the case of a birthday moving you into a new division during the course of the points year, you may wish to play up a division early on if you are vying for year end honors or Player Of The Year for a division. Please know that points earned in a division stay in that division.